A'Nets Katch
Fresh Seafood or Cooked Seafood

Everything Made To Order.......................No Heat lamps!

Whole Deep Fried Chicken and 2 Sides

Sundays Only
Limited Time $15.99

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Only!

Steamed Blue Crab
By the pound
When in season!






1/2 LB Angus Burgers served with French Fries and a Pickle $6.99
Wings and French Fries
5 - $6.99
10 - $9.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich served with French Fries and a Pickle $6.49
Grilled Chicken Salad $7.99

  FISH SANDWICH  $6.49!!!!!!

Your Choice of Flounder, Catfish,Shrimp, Trout or Whiting.
Tilapia Sandwich $7.49
Oyster Sandwich $8.49
(Fried or Grilled)
Shrimp Salads , Grilled shrimp in our signature Bang sauce,Tomato's, Onions, Cheddar ,and  Bacon 
Wings and FF, Buffalo style upon Request
Soup of the Day & Lettuce Wedge Chioce of Dressing.
$10.99 Lunch Size Country Boils!!!!!

Would you like fried fish Only?  No Problem, Order it by the Pound from the Display case and its only  $1.50 Per Pound Cooked your way!
Fried, Grilled or Steamed
and seasoned!



Soft Shell Crab – Lightly breaded fried to golden brown. Served w/ cocktail sauce One for $7.99 Two for $12.99           **make it a sandiwch with our signature Bang Bang sauce, coleslaw and a side for $2.00** 
 Calamari – Lightly Bread and Flash fried for an awesome taste experience. Served with our signature Bay sauce $8.99

 Shrimp Jammers – Jalapeno & Cheese stuffed shrimp,Served w/ french fries and our signature Bang-Bang sauce . $10.99

 Shrimp Cocktail – Four of our Jumbo Shrimp served chilled w/ our spicy cocktail sauce $8.99

 Gator Bites – We finally get to bite back! Tender alligator hand battered, and deep fried and served w/your choice of a dipping sauce. $10.99

 Frog Legs & French Fries – These hoppers are lightly battered and fried to a golden brown and served with a heaping of French fries $9.99

 Hot Crab Dip – The Creamiest, Crabbiest Crab Dip you will ever put in your mouth. Served w/ pita chips. $11.99

 Oysters on the half shell – a half dozen of our finest, served w/ horseradish and lemons $8.99

 Oyster Rockefeller—a 1/2 dozen of our oyster on the half shell, topped w/ a perfect blend of spinach, bacon, onions, garlic and cheese $10.99

 Crab legs—Mary Hart is jealous of these legs. And you won’t find them bigger. Served steamed to perfection. Mkt Price 
 Try them w/ our 12 blend spice or Old Bay for $1.00 more

 Shrimp by the Pound—Steamed or fried to Perfection.
 Mkt Price Try them w/ our 12 blend spice or Old Bay for $1.00 more

 Mussels – A pound of our best seasoned w/ choice of Old Bay or Our 12 Spice Blend $8.99

 Clams—A dozen of our finest, steamed to perfection w/ butter and our 12 blend Seasoning $8.99

Bacon-wrapped  Scallops – Scallops wrapped in bacon, then pan seared and caramelized w/ our teriyaki sauce $9.99

 *Fried Charge is a $1.50 per pound

Ask for the soup of the day
Sm 8oz $3.99
Lg 16oz $5.99

 Bayside Crab & Cream Bisque,  Maryland Lobster & Sherry Bisque,  New England Clam Chowder,  Seafood Gumbo

 Fried, Steamed or Grilled

 We fry all of our food in a Premium Oil with Zero Trans Fat

Comes w/ your choice of two of our delicious sides, (see below) and choice of either Texas Toast, Corn bread or Cheddar biscuit. All entrees are made to order. Please allow a few minutes for cook times. No Heat Lamps Here Folks. Mix and match any way to make more than one choice if you like.
 Your Trout, Popcorn Shrimp, Whiting or Clamstrips Plates    $9.99
Scallop Plates $11.99  Oysters $11.99
Your Catfish, Flounder, Cod Or Shrimp Plates $10.99   
You Can Also add Large sides 8oz $3.29  16oz $5.99

 Choice of 2 $12.99

 Choice of 3 $15.99

 Choice of 4 $18.99 
 Choice of More than one Item, Scallops and Oysters $2.00 up charge to combination plates.

Savory Sides French Fries, Seasoned Green Beans, Corn on the Cob, Our Famous slaw, Chips, Cucumber Salad, Lettuce Wedge, Macaroni & Cheese, Steamed Broccoli, Summer Salad,  Onion Rings, Red Skin Potatoes, and Fried Okra!


Featured Items

 These are what we are known for. Everybody has a favorite, what’s yours

Low Country Boil an absolute awesome blend of fresh cut red potatoes, onions, Kielbasa sausage, corn on the cob, Broccoli, shrimp, and our 12 blend spice, “drizzled” with butter $12.99lg  $10.99sm 

 Fish Taco – Fresh, marinated, lightly fried white fish served on flat pita bread, Cheddar Cheese, red onion, splash of lime juice, chopped tomato, cabbage, feta cheese and Our Signature Sauce. Served w/ our summer salad. $9.49 Add for shrimp $1.99

 Skate Wings -Tender white Sting Ray wings lightly batter and fried with your choice to sides and Bread $11.99   

 Almond Crusted Mahi – Fresh Mahi breaded in our homemade almond Crust. Lightly pan seared for an absolute awesome eating experience. Comes w/ choice of two sides and Choice of Bread Garlic Biscuit, Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread, Or Texas Toast $13.99

 Lemon Pepper Salmon – Fresh Atlantic wild caught Salmon lightly seasoned w/ fresh cracked pepper and lemon juice. Steamed or Grilled. Served w/ a lettuce wedge, red potatoes, and your choice of Garlic Biscuit, Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread, Or Texas Toast $13.99

 Sloppy Crab Sandwich Homemade Crab sandwich- Open faced, garlic brushed texas toast, topped with a half a pound of our homemade sloppy crab crab, drizzled with our signature cream sauce. served with lettuce tomatoes and home made chips. $10.99

 Crab Cakes- the crabbiest cakes this side of the pacific, 4oz and 65% crab meat.
**make it a sandwich with our signature Bang Bang sauce, coleslaw and a side for $2.00**
 1-$8.99 choice of one side
 2- $14.99 choice of 2 sides

Mix and Match 2
Choice of stuffed Crabs, Clams OR Scallops
Your Choice of 2 sides $9.99

Lobster Tails- Choice of fried or steam 2 sides and a bread
10oz $19.99
20oz $39.99

Soft Shell Crab platter
2 sides and a bread $14.99

Young Pikes

 Served w/ French Fries and a small beverage

 Mac and Cheese Bites- $4.99

Texas sized grilled cheese – Lots of cheese slapped between two buttered pieces of Texas toast  $4.99

Chicken Tenders – Three chicken tenders w/ Honey Mustard  $4.99

Popcorn shrimp – Baby shrimp lightly battered & fried to perfection.  $4.99

Fish Nuggets – Breaded White Fish Nuggets $4.99

Savory Sides   8oz $3.29 16oz $5.99

 French Fries, Seasoned Green Beans, Corn on the Cob, Our Famous Slaw,  Broccoli, Summer Salad, Chips, Cucumber Salad, Lettuce Wedge,  Macaroni Cheeze, Onion Rings, Red Skin Potatoes, and Fried Okra!

 Little Extras

  Homemade Bull Sauce, Homemade Bang Sauce, Terriaki,  Old Bay, Garlic Seasoned Butter and Drawn Butter.


 Choice of 2 Vegetables & a choice of bread $3.99

 Choice of 3 vegetables & a choice of bread  $4.99

 Choice of 5 vegetables & a choice of bread  $6.99


Fountain  Coke, Diet Coke, Mello Yellow, Fanta Orange, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea
Bottled  Nestle tea, Lemonade Diet Dr. Pepper, Cranapple, Crangrape, Grape.

Beer   Coors Light, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Stella's

Bottled Wine     Call For Selections

Hours Monday Closed
Tuesday and Wednesday 11-8
Thursday thru Saturday 10-9
Sunday 12-5
A'Nets Katch
2009 Village Park Dr
Knightdale NC, 27545



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